Coaching helps you to get closer to the answers and achieve things you might previously have thought not possible.
It helps you unlock your potential.

Hi – I’m Alan. I’m a qualified Coach and an experienced Trainer.

I believe we are all capable of so much more. Wherever we want to thrive and really achieve our dreams and ambitions. At work and at home.

But it’s easy to get blocked and lose our way, then spend too much time looking elsewhere for the answers that are actually already within us.

speechmarks Alan came into my life when it started to change. With his coaching I felt empowered to take the reins and develop a sense of control. With his help, I found I was able to take a breath and look objectively at decisions I had to make. And then I found I was able to breathe on my own.
Mary Myzer, Advanced Skills Teacher, London

Coaching helps you to get closer to those answers and achieve things you might previously have not thought possible. It helps you to unlock your potential.

I work with individuals and businesses to help people realise their potential by helping them to work out the answers to those challenging questions and issues.

My Coaching Workshops introduce the powerful benefits of coaching to managers at all levels to help them to better engage with, and empower, their teams and colleagues.

Performance and Executive Coaching is all about achieving goals. I help people across all levels of business to grow, develop and improve in their role, from the first-time manager to the experienced executive.

As well as Coaching, I’ve been designing and delivering Training since 2012. My training focuses on helping people have better conversations. Coaching plays an important part in my training too as it doesn’t have to be a one-to-one experience.


We are all faced with challenging situations and difficult decisions from time to time. Coaching – many people call it Life Coaching – can help you to understand how you really feel about those situations and decisions and plan how to approach and tackle them.

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Coaching Workshops

Managers can find it challenging to gain the commitment and engagement of their team and effectively manage their performance. My Coaching Workshops introduce managers to coaching-led conversations that help their teams genuinely own the tasks, objectives and challenges they are working to achieve.

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Performance and Executive Coaching

In business, as in our daily lives, we can get blocked, lose our way or just get so wrapped up in the day to day that we lose sight of what we really want to achieve. Or indeed are expected to achieve. As a Coach, I work to help people in all spheres of business deal with potential stumbling blocks, improve performance, solve problems and accomplish goals.

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The essence of my training is to help colleagues, Managers, Directors and their teams to have better conversations at work. I offer a range of training courses where those conversations are all about leading and managing teams, giving colleagues support and feedback, dealing with difficult situations, or making better, more compelling presentations.

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You can contact me at any time to answer any questions you might have or to talk in more detail about any specific requirements I can help you with.


speechmarks My sessions with Alan helped me to realise what I really wanted out of my career and where my strengths lie. He understood how I ticked and helped build my confidence no end and for that I’m forever in his debt. I would highly recommend Alan.

— Alice Walters, Bristol