Coaching Workshops

This half day Workshop introduces and explains Coaching and the huge benefits it can have in performance management and leadership, both day to day and overall. It looks at the powerful benefits of a growth mindset and the importance of carefully choosing the right language to help achieve better results.

Each delegate will also spend time coaching and being coached during the sessions, to put what they have learned into practice.

Who’s it for?

Anyone with responsibility for managing one or more colleagues, a team or a Department, even a whole business, supporting their day to day growth and development and carrying out their performance appraisals.

I feel thoroughly inspired after the workshop. I used the GROW method during an employee’s appraisal and it worked an absolute treat! I’m sold! Using the GROW method with the team has made a huge impact with morale. I think it’s really helping people realise how important their roles are and how much they have to give. — Emma, Studio Manager, Think BDW

Learning outcomes – what’s in it for delegates?

By the end of this session, delegates will be better able to:

  • Understand their mindset, how that influences all our behaviours, and the benefits of a growth mindset
  • Reframe their Language to encourage, support and help people to “open up”
  • Ask better questions and actively listen to the answers to those questions
  • Coach and be coached using the GROW model
  • Apply a coaching led approach to the management and leadership of their team, and…
  • Better empower their team to the be the best they can be

By putting the GROW model into practice, we made a substantial breakthrough on the issue. We were able to completely re-frame the problem and produce options that we would otherwise have not discovered. — Brad Stacey, Technical Team Lead, Bray Leino

Duration and Numbers

3 hours for up to 12 delegates and ideally an even number to pair up for the Coaching practise.

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speechmarks My sessions with Alan helped me to realise what I really wanted out of my career and where my strengths lie. He understood how I ticked and helped build my confidence no end and for that I’m forever in his debt. I would highly recommend Alan.

— Alice Walters, Bristol